As your new state senator, I will work tirelessly to make Connecticut a safer, more affordable state. 
I will also defend parental rights and defend local control of zoning and education.”

– Susanne Witkowski

We need a More Affordable CT

  • Susanne would have voted in favor of $1.2 billion in tax relief for working- and middle-class families including a reduction to the income tax, sales tax, and more.
  • Susanne knows that people in northeastern Connecticut are overtaxed. Families are struggling to pay the high costs at the gas pumps, at the grocery store, and to heat their homes. A more affordable CT is Susanne’s priority.

We need a Safer CT

  • People do not feel safe in Connecticut. Susanne would have voted “No” on legislation which has tied the hands of CT law enforcement officers. She will work to establish appropriate consequences to respond to crime, but also to prevent crime, to create opportunity and hope, and to rehabilitate. Susanne supports the plan, which is a holistic approach to making our communities safer.

We need to Empower Parents

  • Susanne believes parents, not school districts, should decide when and how to discuss sensitive sex education issues with young children.  
  • Susanne believes parental choice over healthcare decisions for children should be restored.

We need to Protect Local Control of Schools and Zoning

  • Susanne is deeply concerned about efforts at the state level to undermine local control of education as well as planning and zoning. She believes that a top-down, centralized approach to education and land-use ignores the voice of the people. Susanne will speak out against any efforts to remove local control of zoning decision.  
  • When it comes to education, Susanne will always put the voices of parents first and make sure that the lines of communication between parents and educators remain open and transparent.